kvm-tec electronic

Simply innovative, smart and perfect – this is the motto of the Austrian company kvm-tec electronic. The Austrian designer and manufacturer of KVM Extenders and KVM Switches focuses on creating highly refined electronic designs at an unbeatable price. This is how it has managed to capture so much of the market in the last few years. The KVM Extenders are marketed all over the world by competent distributors. The highly dedicated team at kvm-tec places great importance on training, support and above all personal contact with our distributors.

The KVM Switching System along with the MX and the LVDS Option are innovative solutions.

Fibre-optic extenders make covering enormous distances, without noticeable latency or loss of quality, a reality.

Perfect Video compression - top quality video in Full HD, the shortest mouse to monitor latency in the market, covers huge distances with a single cable,Transparent USB 2.0, Switching System with instant video switching.  Great value for money achieved through a compact design, customer oriented solutions such as the Function Button or the Panic Button, developed and manufactured in Austria.

Yet another point in which kvm-tec stands out from the competition: our extenders can be extended into a switching matrix up to 48 endpoints, with the use of standard over-the-counter network switches. Switching from one PC to another occurs instantly with the press of a button.