Inspired Energy

“Batteries With Brains!”
Inspired Energy specializes in the creation of battery packs with built-in electronic intelligence; providing battery monitoring, high-precision fuel gauging, battery diagnostics and battery-to-host communications. In addition Inspired Energy designs and manufactures smart SMBus charging systems.

“Standard, Custom or both!”
Clients can pick from a portfolio of more than 80 existing standard battery designs, or commission a pure custom pack, or choose a customized version of a pre-existing battery in order to combine the best of low-cost standard designs with tailored electronic solutions.

“Mass-customization from Florida to you!”
Our business employs the principles of just-in-time & lean manufacturing, and all our products are built to order & shipped direct throughout the world from our headquarters in Newberry, north-central Florida, USA. We are proud that our successful business model of ON-shore IN-sourcing has for the last 15 years run counter to the current business trend towards offshore outsourcing.