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With the explosion in delivery and consumption of video over IP, media and entertainment operations have new opportunities to monetize content. But with these opportunities come production and distribution challenges of enterprise and Web proportions. Global media operations must now support higher-resolution production formats, dozens of Web and mobile delivery platforms, global production workflows, Web-scale delivery, and viewer analytics.

NetApp leverages its portfolio of block, file, flash, and cloud storage solutions to enable broadcasters, studios, television distributors, and Internet media services to create more efficient media production and distribution workflows. The portfolio allows NetApp to optimize those workflows for application performance, bandwidth, capacity, and enterprise features. And NetApp's leadership among cloud service providers and cloud integration technologies allows media operations to remain cloud-agnostic.

Building custom workflows using NetApp's technology and expertise means that media operations can consolidate functions using extreme-bandwidth and dense-capacity storage systems that allow a single infrastructure to support all stages of media production. These same enterprises can scale reliably thanks to NetApp block, file, and flash storage systems, which provide the five-nines reliability that is critical in large and 24/7 media operations. They also enjoy uninterrupted workflow during updates and maintenance.

These NetApp platforms keep media and entertainment networks humming:

Clustered Data ONTAP. Ideal for rendering, transcoding, air-res and proxies, Data ONTAP brings high performance to random I/O-intensive shared media workloads while reducing operational expenditure.

E-Series SAN storage. This battle-tested storage hardware balances large block sequential and random I/O, making it ideal for compressed and uncompressed video formats.

EF-Series Flash Arrays. Excellent for 4K production and Web-scale media transactions, the EF-Series delivers sub-millisecond latency, ultra-high performance, and enterprise reliability.

Cloud. NetApp OpenStack and object storage initiatives allow rapid creation of private clouds.

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