Deltacast Sport Solutions

DELTACAST is dedicated to the next generation of virtual graphics for live sporting events. The company’s products rely on a set of proprietary high-technology modules: sensor-free tracking, image processing algorithms, adaptive chroma-keying, and a high-quality 3-D engine.

We currently provide a range of cost-effective video boards for broadcast applications, a sport statistics generator and a virtual graphics system.

The existing products are DELTA-live (live virtual graphics), DELTA-highlight (analysis tools), DELTA-touch (interactive presentation tool), Virtual view (realistic virtual 3D scene), DELTA-branding (advertising) and DELTA-stat (real-time on-air graphics).

DELTACAST also performs specific projects for the professional TV broadcast market (TV game software, Virtual Director, TV show automation).

Our customers can interact directly with the appropriate design engineers to customise our boards or software packages to meet their specific application requirements.

DELTACST is based in Ans - BELGIUM. 

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