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EuclidIQ provides Intelligent Video Compression. EuclidIQ is developing a technology platform to optimize the delivery of high-definition video to a myriad of connected devices. From high- definition TVs to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, EuclidIQ’s model-based compression technology can deliver improved compression performance for high- motion, high-complexity videos with no loss in visual quality, or improved quality at target bitrates. And EuclidIQ’s technology is available for existing codec standards, including MPEG-2 and H.264. By leveraging EuclidIQ’s proprietary video compression methodology, video providers will be able to offer consumers an improved user experience and access to video content that has been traditionally restricted by bandwidth. In addition to the bandwidth improvements, EuclidIQ can deliver on today’s standards-based codecs. EuclidIQ will enable organizations to augment existing content and network assets to offer additional benefits, including cloud-based video storage and distribution and streaming HD video to multi-screen environments.