Dynaudio is a premium manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers for Home Entertainment, Professional, Automotive and Multimedia systems.

The Dynaudio Home Systems hi-fi and home theatre models are the company’s most popular offerings.

The company has also become renowned for its Professional division’s active monitors, with sound engineers at the world’s most preeminent recording studios such as AIR and Abbey Road studios in London, Paragon studios in Tennessee, among many other, relying on Dynaudio. The demanding BBC Radio & Music has chosen Dynaudio loudspeakers as the reference standard for their advanced production facilities.

Dynaudio Automotive is comprised of the company’s state-of-the-art aftermarket mobile audio sound systems as well as its high performance OEM factory audio systems. Dynaudio has developed and manufactured dedicated sound systems for Volkswagen since 2004. 

Today, nearly every Vokswagen model can be ordered with a Dynaudio sound system. Dynaudio also supplies Bugatti with a premium factory sound system.

Dynaudio Multimedia became the fourth Dynaudio product category - defining a new standard of sound quality for multimedia audio applications for computer, creative, gaming, and portable audio. Besides a compact High-End active monitor for desktop use, Dynaudio developed "Sound by Dynaudio" - an innovative 2.1 loudspeaker system incorporated into notebooks manufactured by computer specialist MSI.