Videomenthe is a software publisher and distributor specializing in media file workflow solutions, including transfers of IP-based files, transcoding farms, quality control, audio loudness farms, etc. The French-based company started as a Value Added Reseller and now incorporates these tools within its own solutions: Eolementhe©, the media workflow platform and VideomentheCloud, the collaborative file transfer platform.

The company’s key product, Eolementhe offers within an extremely easy-to-use interface, a multi-provider environment and a complete workflow. Eolementhe© is also a scalable, sustainable solution, with new formats and standards being added as they emerge : AS-10, MetaPADTV and IMF are some of them.

Throughout its product portfolio, Videomenthe offers a complete range helping all broadcast professionals to achieve a common and vital goal – to provide high-quality video whatever the screen.