Barnfind Technologies

Barnfind develops, manufactures and markets space saving products where the combination of several functions such as multiplexing of signals, transportation, routing, embedding, conversion, distribution take place in the single 1RU frame. This approach saves money, rack space and low power consumption. Barnfind is seen by many clients as the “greenest” video company which can handle any broadcast, telco or multimedia signal.

Barnfind has in its short time achieved a substantial customer base with recent establishment of its UK Operations along with a comprehensive distributor network of over 50 partners worldwide.

Barnfind’s signal-agnostic functionality is possible through the SFP level (Small Form Factor Pluggable). We can handle MSA standard SFP devices from third party vendors. This gives flexibility and security of supply for clients. Whatever function a future SFP may have, be sure that Barnfind will implement it into their BarnOne frames. Barnfind has created an unbeatable migration platform for traditional broadcasters who now enter the IP world.

Complementing its agnostic approach to hardware interfacing, Barnfind products are capable of being controlled by a growing list of third party hardware or software systems.

To date Integration has been completed by Skyline, Snell’s SWP-08, Ross OpenGear’s DashBoard, LSB, Rascular Technology and many others in addition to our own free of charge BarnStudio Software which has gained much popularity.

This “open” approach at both hardware and software ensures clients do not need to re-invest, instead repurposing of existing technologies can be integrated with the very latest, side-by-side in a single unit. This is further strengthened by enabling clients to continue using a control platform of their choice, and save on adding further complex control systems.

The benefits of this simple architecture and affordability lends itself naturally to other sectors; where video is playing a greater role, such as; Oil & Gas; House of Worship; Industry; CCTV; Defence; Events and Healthcare/Telemedicine.