ZAOR Studio Furniture

ZAOR Studio Furniture was originally founded by Italian master piano builder Michele Zullo to bring his design craftsmanship to bear on the boxy world of studio furniture. He has since been joined by longtime pro audio expert Klaus Gehlhaar and sound engineer Gilles Bartholmé, and together they are realising their dream of making the studio environment a more creatively fulfilling experience. From sturdy entry-level solutions to complete studio design including acoustics, ZAOR’s evolving, elegant product range meets most needs while unique custom solutions are also available. After all, impossible is not in the ZAOR vocabulary! With the introduction of the KLAViDESK, ZAOR is boldly going where no studio furniture-maker has gone before — combining musical instruments with furniture solutions. Distributed worldwide, ZAOR Studio Furniture now adorns some of the most prestigious studio locations. Long distance shipping of large studio furniture items can be costly, yet ZAOR has risen to the challenge by introducing its revolutionary MODULAR system studio furniture concept. “By constantly innovating and reinventing ourselves, we strive to improve the lives of passionate audio professionals around the world through a unique combination of ergonomics and aesthetics.” So says the innovative individual who started the ball rolling, ZAOR Studio Furniture President Michele Zullo.