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Portrait Displays

Portrait Displays, Inc., since 1993, is a application software provider ) for PC, smartphone, and tablet displays. The Portrait Displays team includes SpectraCal, provider of video display calibration software for both professional and consumer needs. 

SpectraCal’s innovations with customers while providing tools, workflows, training, and step-by-step process of screen optimization, is increasingly important in today's vastly changing display industry. 

The combined companies’ engineering expertise, product offerings, and core competencies will become increasingly affordable and valuable. Together they offer value-added, feature-rich solutions to both OEM display manufacturers and end users seeking improved accuracy and manageability of their displays.

Additionally, Portrait Displays is an Intel Capital Portfolio company, who has an interest in the value and services Portrait Displays provides to the OEMs.

Portrait Displays is a private corporation with headquarters in Pleasanton, California, USA with representatives in Europe, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. SpectraCal is located in Seattle, Washington, USA.