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Camerobot Systems

Camerobot Systems supplies turnkey robotic camera devices for broadcast automation in both live and virtual TV sets. The company develops and markets robots for broadcasting and high-speed motion picture production, as well as providing project management, product support and services on an international basis.

Camerobot Systems' product range consists of the main Camerobot device, supported by Cosrobe software and additional optional equipment including plug-ins. The basic Camerobot studio system comprises: Camerobot RX160L fixed robot arm with modified controller adapted to broadcaster requirements, cable outlets for camera and teleprompter cables; and robot remote control over a GUI with joystick or pre-defined moves. Also offered are an intuitive user interface in virtual environments and an basic collision avoidance feature.

The advanced version consists of: Camerobot RX160L robot arm mounted on a mobile platform, virtual reality floor, RoboKam Atelier GUI, CamPilot system for the integration of VR pedestals and safety features. The Cosrobe software is a modern, open-architecture and real-time controlled middleware allowing a fast and reliable studio integration of a variety of devices, manufacturers and processes that deliver a customised system without spending large amounts of time and money on the installation. Also part of the system is the Robokam Atelier 4-CAM for programming shots, moves and playlists. Up to four camera systems can be used simultaneously using the Cosrobe Broadcasting System Bus. The main controller serves as master controller of the Cosrobe broadcasting bus system. It is an independent computer system that includes a data management and backup system for controlling systems with more than one single camera field bus node.