Jünger Audio GmbH

Since 1990 Jünger Audio has been producing audio processing equipment from at its headquarters in Berlin. Over the last ten years it has been developing and manufacturing a parallel line of loudness monitoring tools that are now used widely in broadcast television production to maintain consistent levels between programmes and commercials. Jünger Audio has over the years produced a range of hardware units for different purposes, including the V*AP (digital voice processor), M*AP (monitoring audio processor) and T*AP (TV audio processor).

At IBC 2013 it announced a move away from this traditional approach. From 2014 the company began to separate the processing hardware from the features offered and market a single platform that can be fitted with different firmware for a particular purpose. This was done with the intention of giving users more "flexibility of choice" and allow them to pick specific functions to suit their needs. Existing product names such as T*AP, M*AP and V*AP continue to exist but as "application packages" rather than hardware. Loudness management systems now include the D*AP4 LM edition and D*AP8 TAP (TV audio processor) unit, both with SDI audio options. The D*AP8 TAP also has an optional Dolby management feature and in 2014 Jünger Audio launched what it described as a "new solution for all things Dolby". The D*AP8 codec edition is a coding and decoding processor developed in conjunction with Dolby Labs with the aim of replacing old Dolby coding and decoding hardware. It is able to handle Dolby E, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Pro Logic II.