MPB was founded in 1998 and since then has been designing, developing, selling, renting and calibrating high electronic instruments; specifically MPB provides solutions in EMF, EMC and RF testing through products and consultancy.

The choice, since the establishment, of a business model heavily customer oriented, allows MPB to work towards the goal of national and international technology leadership.

At its headquarters and plants in Rome, Italy,particular focus is given to quality: it is seen as a set of features in a service or a product that give the ability to satisfy any customer need.

MPB management decided to certify this choice following the quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001 model, ed. 2008. This allows MPB to ensure the quality of its own services and instrumentation.

MPB has been manufacturing successful products such as the SEMS, a shielding effectiveness measurement system for MRIs and anechoic chambers, the CCM, a contact current meter to verify the compliance to the ICNIRP limits for the exposition to contact current for workers and general public, or the NMR-01, an innovative non-magnetic and non-reflective tripod that allows to place antennas and measuring instruments in every environment, without any issue of interference, reflection, magnetic attraction or humidity. The newest challenge is instead called SEP, a selective electric isotropic 3-axis antenna up to 3 GHz, for broadcasting telecommunication, mobile communication systems and industrial sites uses.