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Berlin company Blackcam Systems produces remote controlled camera systems designed to achieve different angles and perspectives while at the same time remaining discreet and flexible.

Three different sizes of system are offered, each capable of being configured in different ways to suit the shoot or application, with the ability to accommodate various remote heads or cameras. Each system comprises a mini-dolly running on tracks that can be mounted either on the ground or suspended in the air. These are run from a control panel linked by either cables or a wireless connection. Each Blackcam System comprises: a camera cradle, dolly, track, production cabling and remote controller.

The recently released B10 is the smallest in the range and is designed to take cameras including the Ikegami HDL-23, Modula, LMP, SinaCam, IndieCam, GoPro and models of similar sizes. The B20 features the CamBall HDC-100 remote head manufactured by UK company Bradley Engineering. This has a 2 megapixel HD CMOS chip, produces 16:9 pictures and delivers a signal to noise ratio of more than 50dB. The D20 is also able to run with DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D. The top-end B40 has the capability to carry larger cameras, including the Sony HDC-P1, RED Epic and Scarlet and ARRI Alexa M. The main features of each configuration are seen as: a small dolly, light weight, variable speed, low noise, wireless and/or cable connectivity, integration into any stage, linear and curved tracks, narrow curves, customised tracks and upright and upside-down running. The Control Station can be set up to suit specific needs, with a choice of joystick or Piezo Stick. The accompanying rack can be fitted with two monitors, intercom and other components.