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Norwia has made professional optic distribution EASY with AutoSFPTM technology while solving several challenges plaguing older optical systems. The Norwia miniHUB fiber platform increases the flexibility factor, decreases setup time and brings cost savings on short and long term basis to all of its customers.

The miniHUB platform is used in a wide range of applications, from short distance fiber circuits within a building, long distance point to point distribution systems, systems for remote production, CWDM based multiplexed system and Add, Drop, Pass circuits for ring structures.

It’s ideal for outside broadcasters that frequently need to change setup, with its EASY signal direction properties ‘AutoSFPTM’ that saves hours upon hours of costly human resources.

The system can optically transport signal for broadcast and data signals. Optical passive modules are available for CWDM, single mode, multimode fiber and splitting of optical signals.

The miniHUB product platform is available as an extended temperature version for outdoor and exposed temperature conditions. Norwia currently provides their solution to telecommunications companies, broadcasters, Stadium owners, Network operators and Outside broadcast companies.

Norwia can provide comprehensive solutions for Remote production, Redundant ring structure for when optical signal delivery is guaranteed and with newer signal formats such as single link 4K/UHD 12G-SDI solution using Norwia’s unique AutoSFPTM technology.

You will be amazed over the flexibility and high quality once you have seen the miniHUB platform, and realize why so many tier one customers are using the miniHUB platform and enjoying the huge benefits that miniHUB is known for.

Even thou miniHUB is the next generation optical product available today, it solves many challenges that Broadcaster and Telecommunication professionals have with their signal contribution and delivery infrastructures.

Talk to Norwia about your needs and we will tailor an Optical solution that solves and enables your plans for the future.