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System73 provides the highest quality consumer experience for globally distributed video and data over the Open Internet.

System73 has built the next generation of transport protocols for use over the Open Internet — creating a state-of-the-art Worldwide Broadcasting System. System73 has developed and patented deep learning processes to predict Internet traffic congestion and leverage the adoption of WebRTC and WebSockets to build a virtual network connecting over a billion devices to efficiently stream video to an unlimited number of concurrent viewers. System73 allows operators and broadcasters to stream linear and live video with the equivalent quality, reliability, and low latency as a fully managed network -- no blocking, stuttering, or failed video streams and is compatible with emerging 4K video. It’s easy to implement adding only a few lines of code inside the player application to provide a vastly improved viewing experience.

The System73 Team.
System73’s team co-authored the core protocols in use today on the internet: MPEG (compression standard), MPEG 2 (transport), and DVB (channel management). Today, they are again solving the toughest problems facing the Internet -- traffic management and video delivery --applying machine learning and advanced transport optimization algorithms. They remain at the forefront of the industry as members of the standards committees of Mpeg-Dash and WebRTC.