MTO Unlimited ShooterSlicker Raincovers

This is a U.S. company that has been working with and in the Video/Cinema/News environment for over 30 years.

MTO Unlimited ShooterSlicker Raincovers will design and manufacture the raincover you need for any of the camera configurations used today 2D or 3D! Located in Los Angeles, we strive to meet deadlines ahead of time with products that exceed expectations. We offer you, the client, camera (and peripheral equipment) rain covers made in several types of waterproof fabrics mixed with neoprene and water resistant zippers. Having many years of actual experience in the film/video industry, our designs are logical and incorporate many great features that allow you to to work without thinking about, or worrying about your camera and gear. We also offer competitive pricing. All our products are made in the USA. Send us your projects! We look forward to the next challenge! Camera Covers, Monitor Covers, Ponchos for Audio and Producer Professionals.