Bannister Lake

Bannister Lake’s solutions address many challenges facing broadcasters today, most connected with controlling the collection and display of data on main and ancillary screens. In today’s world, broadcasters are under pressure to provide an ever-increasing amount of data, in a visually pleasing way, while automating the process to reduce operational costs, and incorporating verifiable sponsor content to generate a true return on investment.

Specializing in graphics automation, Bannister Lake (BL) has been in business for more than 15 years. Although small and responsive, BL has a larger software team than most companies in the same market segment. We also have a different philosophy to other companies in the design of our systems. Rather than ship systems that force the customer to come back to us and pay for reconfiguration and other ongoing changes, we believe in making it easy for customers to do this themselves, saving money and valuable time.

Super Ticker, a broadcast oriented content management system, can scale from a one box, singe channel solution up to a large client server system capable of running a network or station group. Brando brings the same power and flexibility to automated branding systems and provides ease of implementation and expansion unknown in this space. Both systems are available from Bannister Lake directly, or as OEM products Tick-it and Brand-it from Ross Video.

In the sports arena, we offer score bug solutions for different platforms and sports as well as BL Sports Ticker, powering onscreen data display for most of the Canadian specialty sports channels.

Elector, BL’s Canadian election system has the unique distinction (in the election system space) of playing a comprehensive role in election coverage planning and strategy across the entire election cycle beyond simply updating numbers on election night. Future plans call for bringing this system south in a version tailored for the US market. Currently BL’s products are used by all three of the major Canadian commercial broadcast networks, who continue to expand with BL. A growing presence in the US market includes broadcasters as well as the government, where we have the rare distinction of bipartisan approval, being used both by the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate!