A specialist in data management software for backup, synchronisation and archiving, Archiware produces systems that allow users to manage information and material within the workflow. It maintains the availability of data and is able to put it in long-term storage.

Archiware's main product range is the P5 series of software modules. This includes the P5 Synchronize, which is able to replicate data to ensure it is always available, with the ability to clone servers, RAIDs or SANs as part of the backup process; P5 Backup enables material on a server to be saved to disk or tape, such as LTO-5, for easy backup and recall/restoration over different platforms running Mac, Linux, Windows or Solaris computer systems; P5 Backup2Go is designed for backing up desktops and laptops in any location; P5 Archive is a long-term storage option that transfers data offline archives on either disk or tape.

Archiware also works with Ardis Technologies, developer of the DynamicDrive Pool range of Ethernet-based SANs, to produce the DDP and Archiware P5 for integrated backup to LTO. Another collaboration is with mLogic, which has resulted in the Thunderbolt LTO tape and P5 archive.

The new P5 Archive App, an add-on to P5 Archive, lets users archive and restore files, folders and FCP X projects straight from the OS X Finder.