Videosys Broadcast

Videosys designs and manufactures products for the television, film and A/V industries. The engineering team has worked on many of the world’s biggest shows and events, which translates into first-hand experience of equipment and crew requirements. i.e., what works, and what doesn’t.

The Videosys ethos is to design and build systems that are easy to set up and easy to use while adhering to firm production deadlines.

Videosys Broadcast Camera Control System offers advanced features in a rugged, easy-to-use ‘plug and play’ design that also enables control of up to four cameras per channel, minimising operating costs and enabling users to control multiple RF cameras at large events.

Videosys supplies and supports a full range of RF systems including transmitters, receivers and down converters, covering radio cameras, long range links, onboard cameras for cars, helicopters, boats and even horses.

Videosys has augmented its product portfolio to include RF-over-fibre systems, including both SMPTE and tactical fibre. For example, the Videosys Broadcast SMPTE Fibre System is an extension solution that incorporates local power for up to two downconverters and a return UHF data path. This one-cable solution also provides a return data path for camera control and remote DC output for a data transmitter reducing rig time and simplifying fault diagnosis - making life much easier for those in the field.

Videosys manufactures products from concept to finished article. With the latest technology at its disposal, Videosys has the experience to advise and the expertise to build a bespoke housing or off-the-shelf camera and control system, and build it quickly. World class service and support are also just a phone call away.