Presteigne Broadcast Hire

Presteigne Broadcast Hire

The company’s success is built on three foundations: an excellent inventory, a comprehensive quality control system and a well-informed staff who can provide detailed knowledge to help customers get the right set of products, and get the best out of it.

Presteigne has two bases in the UK, allowing it to deliver to any of the major production centres within a couple of hours. It also supplies kit around the world, from live wildlife shows in the Masai Mara to all four Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

The Presteigne inventory is currently standing at over 20,000 individual items. This include developments in technology, such as stereoscopic 3D and 4k Ultra HD equipment. Specialist departments within the company support audio and RF systems, handling spectrum planning, licensing and the practicalities of wireless and mesh networks.

The company’s management all have a deep understanding of the industry, and close working relationships with all the key vendors. This means they can anticipate the way the broadcast business is likely to move, and will be ready with the right kit on the shelves.

When a professional rents a piece of equipment, the expectation is that it will work perfectly. Presteigne’s quality assurance policy insists that every single piece of equipment is cleaned, serviced and checked when it returns to the warehouse, ensuring that even last minute rentals can be supplied with confidence.

This is all backed by an expert team on call 24/7/365, able to provide detailed advice, identify precisely the configuration needed for each job, and despatch it promptly

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