There are several weak links in the content delivery chain: Limited and inconsistent Internet bandwidth and consequently throughput from Source to glass. Bottlenecks can stem from content servers overload and long-tail content caching limitations, to network operator backbone congestion, last mile bottleneck and home bandwidth ‘competition’.

To complement the existing video eco-system infrastructure of encoding, CDN, caching and network optimization, the team at Giraffic has resolved the missing links by rethinking the data delivery chain at the end-points and giving control for the video experience back to the user on his own entertainment devices. Giraffic achieves this by outsmarting Internet bandwidth limitations with unique, multi-patented Adaptive Video Acceleration™ technology on the end user-side device.

The results? Video acceleration that enables a broadcast quality experience over the Internet: minimum buffering, quicker downloads, and the ability to stream the highest levels of resolution without degrading quality.

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