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Seaport Digital

At Seaport Digital we offer the highest quality photographic and video products at a great value with the best online experience. We work closely with our customers and factories to constantly improve features and benefits of each new item we offer.

We first introduced our patented i-Visor in 2003. This product was designed for shooting tethered where high ambient light made critical viewing of a laptop screen a challenge. It was the first, and is still, the only product of it’s kind.

We have since introduced a broader offering of exclusive products to support our many friends in the Video and Photographic markets. We’re particularly proud of our patented PXB background system, MegaMast and Volta Inverter. The PXB is a truly one of a kind, easy to setup and very rugged X Frame and muslin background. It’s most popular applications are for studio, portraiture, out door and wedding photography. It also provides a perfect green screen for video interviews.