FIS Blue Inc.

FIS Blue is the premier manufacturer / supplier of fiber optics with broadcast and military harsh environment applications. Our employees have decades of experience meeting the needs of broadcasters for specialized cabling and connectivity equipment. When it was mandated that U.S. broadcasters switch to digital broadcasting, FIS Blue was established as a new Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc., affiliate to help make the transition seamless.

Over the years, FIS Blue has earned the trust of all major broadcast networks as well as U.S. and Canadian Government agencies. FIS Blue has been awarded its own GSA contract number to facilitate the growing number of U.S. government contracts being awarded to the company. FIS Blue’s product line includes cable assemblies that can withstand rough handling and harsh outdoor environments, which are typical of both broadcasting and military applications. Products include hybrid fiber/copper cable assemblies, expanded beam connectors, TFOCA® -style military connectors and termini-style cable assemblies.

What We Offer

  • SMPTE-ready cabling and test equipment
  • Great selection of cleaning kits for fiber optics
  • Fastest lead time on cable assemblies in the industry
  • Large inventory of products for immediate shipment
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Technical support
  • Repair service

FIS Blue is headquartered at the FIS Research Park in the town of Oriskany in Central New York State. FIS Blue facilities consist of over 9,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and shipping operations. Valerie Sitler is CEO and principal owner of the company.