AJT Systems

Founded in 1997, AJT Systems develops software and turnkey systems for live-to-air graphics rendering and video servers targeted to the Broadcast industry. Our products are in use 24/7/365 with domestic and international broadcasters, delivering compelling, high-quality full-motion graphics in mission critical applications. While our products are used for broadcast graphics in a wide variety of applications including news tickers, weather, and election coverage, over the last 15 years, we have emerged as a clear leader in live Sports broadcasting. Our technology and equipment is deployed by such broadcasters as ESPN, CBS, NBATV to name just a few; covering over 2000 events a year. AJT System’s offerings include the Camino real-time renderer and template editing system and turnkey Camino-based graphics systems in multiple form factors. The turn-key systems are available for purchase or for lease on a per-event basis. In tune with addressing our customer’s unique needs, we also offer customized hardware configurations, mission-critical system support, and an in-house Creative Services department.