We are part of the DCIT group, which specialises in IT consultancy and auditing. 

PROVYS produces enterprise software for television broadcasters on both the station management and sales sides of their business. The aim is to support channels in increasing the productivity of day to day operations while at the same time giving a strategic insight into their business processes.

The main products for broadcast are TVoffice and Sales. TVoffice was designed to be a reliable and flexible platform for exchanging information amongst all those involved in running the station. It is a software station management programme made up of several function modules application to the running of modern TV channels. These include schema planning and budgeting, with a graphical user interface that offers drag and drop features; transmission scheduling, including alert visualisation and schema versioning for modifications and alternatives; production management, covering hierarchical budgeting, contracts, invoicing, project planning and reporting; rights management, for information such as start dates and deliverables requirements; content and media management, with operations over multiple sites and support for digital workflows; financial management, metadata archiving on a content-based XML database that is able to attach information in XML to any object on the PROVYS TVoffice database; and integration, which offers configurable asset numbering functions such as IDs for programmes, tapes and media material. PROVYS Sales is an air-time software solution for broadcasters and media representative agencies supporting both rate-card and GPR based sales operations.