Spin Digital

Spin Digital

The company develops high-performance video codecs for the next generation of high-quality video applications.

Spin Digital is specialized in highly efficient software implementations of the HEVC/H.265 video coding standard and its extensions. Spin Digital codecs enable ultra-high quality video applications such as 8K and 4K with commodity computing hardware. Target applications include UHD-TV, immersive video projection, videowalls, and virtual reality devices.

Spin Digital offers an 8K HEVC/H.265 decoder. This decoder is able to process 8K video in real-time using a single workstation. It fully supports HEVC/H.265 version 2 standard (also known as the Range Extensions), enabling not only low bitrate 8K video, but at the same time cinema-grade colour fidelity.

Spin Digital also offers HEVC/H.265 encoder that is able to produce very high quality and, at the same time, high compression ratios, especially tailored for 8K and 4K resolutions.

Spin Digital HEVC/H.265 codecs are ready for the next generation of high quality video systems, providing support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), High Frame Rates (HFR), and Wide Colour Gamuts.

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