Vintage Cloud AS

Although I am a Telecine operator, I have profound respect for you as developers of new tools. You make the difficult art of film transfer (almost) every man's tool.

We at Vintage Cloud are very inspired by a statement like this. This is exactly what we set out to achieve, i.e. making new innovative and intuitive tools for the delicate task of bringing old film archives into the digital world. Images and combined audio are strong carriers of factual and emotional information. Your film archive needs to be accessible to bring back its true value. Film on a shelf has no value.

Broadcasters and film archives are struggling with the fact, that they need to transfer their film treasures before it is to late. Transfers are traditionally done on Telecine hardware or data scanners. A slow and costly solution. Broadcasters estimate they are looking at a 25 to 40 year timespan in order to complete the task.

It is Vintage Cloud’s belief that after the decision to digitize film archives has been made, the transfer period should not exceed a 5-year period, due to the complexity of migrating digital formats in the future.

We have at Vintage Cloud spent several years investigating film archive needs, testing equipment and building workflows to do the job. We found there was no specialized equipment available in the market, so we decided to build the first truly dedicated film archive digitization system. Together with DTU (Technical University of Denmark) we have developed a new super efficient light source. We found a sensor fast enough to transfer moving images at highest quality. Finally, we improved the stability of the Grand Master of film transport - Steenbeck, with over 60 years of time proven safe film handling, fast yet gentle.

With “Vintage Cloud Steenbeck” the speed of transferring film archives has been radically improved. It is easy to use, it is fast and it is safe - and not to forget - very cost-effective.

Your film footage never looked better this fast.