Solidyne SRL

Solidyne was founded in 1968 by Oscar Bonello, its CEO. Mr Bonello is an Argentine researcher and professor at the University of Buenos Aires.

Solidyne has now a team of 50 people working in our company. The secret of the Solidyne's success at the radio market and professional audio field, is very simple: Our obsession by Research and permanent Innovation.

Throughout these years, Solidyne has made more than 10.000 broadcast audio consoles, that add an accumulated on-air time greater than 30.000 years. No other world manufacturer can offer a so convincing guarantee of reliability ! 

Solidyne is now the world oldest manufacturer of broadcasting consoles.

Also, Solidyne has manufactured and installed the biggest audio system in Latin America: The satellite broadcasting network used for transmitting the FIFA World Cup in 1978.

Solidyne had manufactured open reel magnetic tape recorders, using dynamic bias and self-aligned by computer, PBX telephonic centrals and user telephones, communications between energy networks, Communications centers for the Argentina Air Force, Army, Gendarmerie, etc.

From 1980 we are working in the field of the 24 hours Voice Loggers, and we were one of the few international companies manufacturing multi-channel magnetic tape recorders (Medical Emergencies, Electrical Companies, Ambulances, etc).

From 2004 up to the present, we manufacture AR-200 Digital Voice Loggers with state of the art technology: digital encrypted recording on Hard Disk; another one of the inventions of Solidyne. This small size 16, 24 & 32 channels recorders have open architecture, high reliability and low cost.

In the field of Audio Processing we are the company with more experience of the world. Solidyne's papers published from 1970 can be found in the bibliography of this field. 

We started the era of the Psychoacoustic Processing in Broadcasting with the publication of an original paper, at AES Journal, June 76, New York.

Solidyne was the first world company that creates a digital audio system based on PC, for radio automation.
See below a history of this innovation, the most important radio innovation of the second half of XX Century.

Due to this invention, in 1992 Solidyne was awarded with the First National Prize to the Technological Innovation. The Audicom system has been sold in 45 countries. Today this technology is used in radio stations of more than 120 countries.

Since 1970 we contributed in technical and scientific exhibitions.

Solidyne has published more than 150 papers in several international magazines. 

We have 12 Patents of Invention. We have received numerous prizes by our scientific and industrial work.

In the scientific field, our theories are today included in text books of Audio and Acoustic used in many Universities of the world. We mentioned, for example, the "Handbook for Sound Engineers", Glenn Ballou (Howard Sams); "Acoustics" of Alton Everest (McGraw-Hill), etc.