True Lens Services

True Lens Services was founded in 2001 to support high end film makers and videographers.and has now evolved into a comprehensive service and manufacturing facility allied to the film and television industries.

The Lens Service Department offers a swift turn around on the service and repair of film, broadcast and projection lenses from most makers. It is fully supported by an in-house CNC workshop which is capable of bespoke product design and manufacture, including our own mattebox range, covering a wide spectrum of cameras and lenses, from mini DV to full broadcast cameras. Each mattebox can be tailored to customer requirements.

The test and setup equipment available to the service engineers enable them to quickly diagnose faults, rectify and return each lens to full working specification. The TLS service department also carries out refurbishment to tripods and fluid heads from all major manufacturers.

Through in-house design, TLS produces a range of mechanical supports, adaptor rings, associated camera mounts and fixings.