TMD (TransMedia Dynamics)

TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) is a global leader in the design and implementation of asset management and workflow solutions for broadcasters, content owners and audiovisual archives. Headquartered in the UK, TMD also has sales and engineering resources based in the USA and Australia to support a worldwide customer base.

TMD solutions are built on an agile, modular platform called Mediaflex. This provides a very flexible metadata schema which can be tailored to the specific requirements of the end user. A clear indication of its flexibility can be seen in the use of the same core product to provide broadcast-focused, workflow-oriented asset management solutions for broadcast and collection management solutions for major cultural audiovisual archives both of which provide support for both physical as well as digital media in the same data model.

Layered onto the core asset management platform are a number of modules providing additional functionality. This includes the ability to design and manage workflows. As part of TMD’s solution-oriented approach, a simple user interface provides the design tools, so workflows can be added to systems by users, without the need to write custom code or scripts.

Broadcasters and production companies are moving away from being bound by technology towards a business approach, where requirements are expressed in outputs and commercial goals. Workflow management tools – which in turn are dependent on rich, accurate metadata – will interpret those business requirements into content flows and processes.

The TMD solution uses metadata to make automated, intelligent decisions about what can be done with the content to further monetise it, and what processes are needed to repurpose and prepare it. In the TMD model, workflows are easy to establish and require little to no human intervention to implement and maintain.

Orchestrated workflows provide the numbers which allows organisations to measure their business and carry out real cost benefit analysis on each process and each output. TMD Mediaflex delivers on workflow design and management, and on business analytics, as well as unrivalled media asset management.