Spectracom helps our customers get the most out of global navigation satellite system signals, as a leading provider of GPS/GNSS signal management solutions to synchronise critical operations. We support our customer's goals to increase reliability and productivity by delivering innovative ways to simplify the integration of complex positioning, navigation and timing technologies in their unique applications. Capabilities include signal generation, GNSS reception, synchronisation, distribution, test & validation, simulation, integration, interference, detection and mitigation, real-time embedded systems, technical and support services.

We offer a deep portfolio of precise time and frequency management for the synchronisation or digital broadcast distribution networks, and most wireless communications systems, particularly for single frequency networks (SFN). The result enhances the continuity of services.

The key feature of new digital broadcast technology is the use of the multi-carrier system COFDM to overcome adjacent channel interferences and reflections of same signal. This process allows reliable operation of SFN networks since all transmitters use the same frequencies. All transmitters in a SFN need to be synchronised so that their emitted signals are frequency identical and bit identical. SFN operation requires Spectracom equipment to ensure synchronisation using a universal time and frequency reference.

Many thousands of Epsilon Clocks and other Spectracom devices ensure the deployment of digital broadcast networks all over the world. These solutions allow broadcast operators and equipment manufacturers to meet the challenges of supporting legacy infrastructure along with new services and new technologies. Spectracom solutions are compliant with all existing standards: DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-SH, FLO, T-DMB, DRM, etc.