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Based in Prague, Aveco was established in 1992 by a group of engineers previously with the Czech TV and Broadcast Research Institute. This institution had been a key player in the development and manufacture of television equipment in central and eastern Europe and the founders of Aveco worked on software controllers for systems that it produced.

Aveco now designs and produces technology for media asset management, master control automation and automation of news, live events and studio operations. The company’s automation servers are based on a real-time operating platform, QNX, that to date has not had a virus. Aveco is designed for multi-site operation.

Aveco's latest product is the Redwood Studio, a combined automation, graphics, switching and clip playing system for news production that is designed to be used with minimum training and few staff. Features include a NRCS interface that also integrates with MOS, a client server architecture that allows for simple expansion and support for Adobe Flash, HTML, XML and JavaScript. Redwood Studio is aimed at both standalone and networked facilities. 

An associated product is Redwood Play, a master control channel-in-a-box. This offers either six or eight DVEs and two or four SDI inputs, as well as four HD video playback channels, four stereo audio players, four stereo mic/line inputs, an audio mixer, graphics with 32-layers of compositing and a character generator. 

The Astra product family includes the Studio 2 studio controller, which can be run by one operator to produce complicated live news programmes; Astra MCR for multi-channel playout that also integrates with business traffic systems and Astra MAM, which can be used over large facilities or to connect multiple desktops. Aveco products are used at more than 350 locations internationally, covering small, independent systems up to big, fully redundant multiple site installations.