We have been providing  “Channel in a Box” solutions since 2001, simplifying operations and reducing the need for capital investment in additional ‘outboard gear’. In many cases it also reduces the head count at a station, providing even more opportunity to enhance the bottom line for broadcasters who are faced with an uncertain future going into the spectrum auctions in 2015.

RUSHWORK'S approach to the market, which includes full power, low power, and PEG channels (Public/Education/Govt), is to provide high performance, low cost solutions that meet the needs of all, with no product distinction relative to the markets. Our A-LIST BROADCAST Automation and Streaming Systems effectively integrate a traditional “broadcast server” with a bulletin board system, thus creating a distinctive point of difference with this two-in-one “hybrid” solution. This means less money invested, and a single scheduling and operations model to learn and use.

We designed our user interface for intuitive, drag and drop scheduling of all elements. We created a companion A-LIST EVENT RECORDER that uses the same scheduling interface to capture multiple events over the course of a day, selecting the appropriate router inputs for each capture session. Our SegmentR utility is a fast and efficient method for trimming files and/or creating virtual segments from long files, and can also export segments as individual clips.

We refer to our systems as “powerfully simple” – appropriate solutions for changing times. 

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