MediaGeniX produces software for the management of both broadcast programme material and the channels it appears on. This critical function is performed by the company's main product, WHAT'SOn, which has its roots in development that started in 1993 involving MediaGeniX co-founder and product director Michel Beke. With a master's degree in computer science, Beke started out in image compression for document management systems before moving into broadcast. Fellow co-founder and director of internal services Dominique Straetmans joined OO Partners, which later became MediaGeniX, in 1995, after gaining a Masters in Applied Sciences and Engineering: Electro-Mechanical Engineering and working for Belgian firm VDO on client server projects.

WHATS'On is described as cross-media scheduling, workflow and content lifestyle software. It is aimed at broadcasters, telcos, platform operators and on-demand service providers and is able to work over all parts of the production and distribution chain, with the capacity for new channels to be launched and different applications added when required. WHATS'On is made up of a series of modules covering different aspects of broadcast operations, which can be selected to suite the user's specific requirements.

These, with a range of sub-headings, include: linear scheduling, itself comprising strategic planning and budget forecasting, continuity scheduling, programme guide and EPG; promotion and interstitial management, featuring promotion optimiser and sponsoring and bumper auto-scheduling; media management, also including MAM integration; video on demand, with on-demand scheduling and on-demand material management; workflow automation, based on a workflow engine; standard integration, featuring an open interface API, commercial integration, graphics engine integration, playout automation integration and music rotation integration; contents and rights management, with running order and programme management; analytics and finance; and assorted features such as reporting and exporting engine, web connectivity and the WHATS'On Core, a multi-user integrated broadcast management framework that is needed for each user so they can run the different modules.