NETIA, a Globecast company and part of Orange, provides software solutions that enable efficient management and delivery of audiovisual content to today’s full array of media platforms. The company’s solutions allow content producers and owners to manage content from ingest to delivery, targeting multiplatform outlets including the Internet, VOD, IPTV services, and mobile services.

The rise of the multiplatform market through ongoing convergence of the traditional broadcast and telecommunications sectors has put new demands on content producers and providers, and the success of operators’ emerging multiplatform models depends largely on their ability to maintain efficient management of media, even as their production and delivery processes target an expanding array of platforms and devices. Rather than implement multiple parallel processes for preparing and delivering content, these operators now must establish a single streamlined content management model supporting multiplatform publishing.

NETIA has been refining its portfolio of media asset management products to address this challenge. In doing so, the company has developed highly efficient and flexible new audio and video content life cycle management and preparation solutions that empower multiplatform delivery and help users control growing volumes of on-demand audio and video content in multiple formats. The company’s new ingest-to-delivery content management solutions, based on proven applications, aid media players in their quest to consolidate and then manage and monitor production and delivery of content. Specifically, the newly unveiled NETIA Media Assist software suite unites the unique functionality of NETIA's proven radio broadcast automation and media management products with a SQL database to provide a robust multimedia asset management system with a full complement of production tools. With this powerful new solution, users can manage and share all types of content, in any format, on any platform, anywhere and at any time.

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