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Veale Associates

Founded in 1969 by Eddie Veale, Veale Associates has been built on Eddie’s acoustic and engineering expertise.

Eddie began his career working as an engineer at Advision, he was invited to look after their studios and this gave him the opportunity to become one of the pioneers in studio design and the practice of acoustics for recording.

The work at Advision put Eddie in front of some of the industry’s leading artists, producers and studios. This led to the opportunity of designing one of the first professional home recording studio for John Lennon at his Tittenhurst Park home. Here John recorded one of the most famous albums ever, “Imagine”, which Eddie worked on too.

This was a turning point for Eddie and the recording industry; more artists wanted a home studio and professional studios started taking acoustics seriously. As a result Veale Associates began to grow.

With years of experience working in and designing studios, Veale Associates understand the many disciplines involved. Our ability to bring all this together to create great studios fuels our passion.