A key provider of digital broadcast automation tools that streamline an operator’s entire workflow from acquisition to distribution and playout of content - NVerizon helps you in reducing OPEX and CAPEX. Based on a Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS) concept that supports easy implementation into any existing infrastructure, NVerzion automation solutions offer users scalability, reliability, redundancy, and guaranteed interoperability with third-party systems.

All of our automation tools are designed with simple, intuitive operation in mind, taking the guesswork out of system implementation.

With NVerzion automation, broadcasters can control a wide range of third-party equipment, including master control, routing, video server, and graphics systems. This allows stations to capitalize on the ROI value for already purchased equipment rather than doing a complete upgrade.

Our automation tools can be customized to fit a broadcaster’s specific needs and budget, making them perfect for a wide range of applications from education to government access TV to the local PBS station.

All NVerzion systems are backed with worldwide training, service, and support. When customers call or need technical assistance from NVerzion, they get a real-live person and are not bogged down with that dreadful voice mail chain. We offer immediate customer service support without having to locate someone through the chain of command or having to leave messages. We treat every customer as a partner, not a customer - their success is our success.

With more than 150 operating installations around the globe, NVerzion raises the bar in affordable, customizable automation solutions for broadcasters.

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