Metaglue Corporation was founded in 2002 to help companies which are taking advantage of the new file transfer and metadata standards and wish to build interoperable “best of breed” solutions.

Since then, our worldwide customer base has grown to include media companies, suppliers and government projects.

Metaglue offers a range of products and services to help organisations get business benefits and efficiencies from the use of MXF, AAF and metadata in their workflows.

We can provide:-

  • standard products (to view or check MXF files)
  • technical support to integrate our and other company’s products into a workflow that matches your operational requirements
  • an SDK and support package to allow you to efficiently build MXF functionality into a product or system
  • impartial consultancy or custom development to help you build a workflow that matches your evolving business requirements

Also, Metaglue remains active in the industry standards bodies, such as SPMTE, EBU and the AMWA to help ensure interoperability across our industry.