We are a global media services company, working with both established corporate houses as well as new entrepreneurial ventures across the world.

MediaGuru specializes in creating successful media projects from scratch or to revamp the existing ones on turnkey basis for better efficiency and profitability. Our two other focus areas are digital archiving services and a path breaking multi-user interactive platform for the broadcast and new age media companies.

MediaGuru excels in providing innovative strategic and operational consultancy for asset management, digitization and technology solutions. Typically we cover the entire life cycle of a project from business plan, planning & implementing the Infrastructure, technology, system integration, on-air look & feel, sets, manpower, content planning, training, dry run and eventually the hand-holding.

Our mantra is to digitize, restore, preserve and provide real-time access to audio, video, text and film archives. These services are provided on-site and off-site to media companies, museums, libraries, universities or any other organization that requires preserving and reuse of precious data.

MG’s biggest asset is its multi-dimensional team of experts, and knowledge insight of the entire domain of Media.