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GSoft is a software house specialized in the media market, mainly in television, radio and the press. Its strong customer focus and global and integrated offer allows GSoft to be the market leader where it acts: Portugal and Angola.

Since its creation in 1990, GSoft has been developing solutions of Broadcast Resource Planning. These solutions offer our customers the possibility to line up their processes with the business goals, improving the efficiency of its operations and increasing business profitability.

GMedia Suite, one of the most complete systems of Resource Broadcast Planning, is the main product of GSoft. The modules that are part of GMedia Suite - GMedia Ad, GMedia Portal, GMedia Tx, GMedia Asset and GMedia Plan - allow broadcasters to manage their work in an integrated environment.

In a complementary way and totally integrated with the GMedia Suite, GSoft developed the business intelligence solution: GMediaBI. This solution allows the organizations to control the performance of its business through the analysis of the extracted information from GMedia Suite.

More recently, GSoft has been developing digital content management solutions in order to face the new challenges of the organizations. These solutions allow our customers to easily manage and update its contents, no matter the delivery platform they work with. In this way, it is possible to improve the procedures since creating until publishing some content.

With an ongoing product development programme of specific solutions for the media market, GSoft is prepared to the new challenges that broadcasters are facing.