Eurofins Digital Testing

Eurofins Digital Testing is the world’s leading end-to-end Quality Assurance (QA) service provider for Digital TV Operators and device testing specialists, operating globally with test lab facilities in the UK, Belgium, Poland, Sweden and Hong Kong. We provide specialised on-site test resources, testing tools and services to validate digital media delivery systems and device conformance for multiple standards and operators across the world. Eurofins Digital Testing was formed from the merger of Digital TV Labs and Testronic Labs Belgium and is part of the Eurofins Group. Eurofins has a network of more than 225 laboratories in 39 countries and has over 23,000 employees worldwide. Eurofins Digital Testing delivers complete testing solutions to manufacturers, broadcasters, operators and related media and device supply chains, covering terrestrial, satellite, cable, OTT and IPTV delivery.

Eurofins Digital Testing is an active member of, or, provides solutions for, key technologies and standards such as CI Plus, DVB, DASH-IF, Dolby, USB, HbbTV, Wi-fi, HE-AAC, HEVC, RDK, UPnP, DLNA, MirrorLink and W3C.