Pronology’s digital asset management tools simplify the tasks of content creation and distribution for today’s tapeless workflows by offering a single platform that unifies the multiple processes from acquisition to archive. Its user-friendly interface and format-agnostic infrastructure offers a complete all-in-one solution, while also providing the flexibility necessary to accommodate the wide range of possible workflows.

Pronology’s ingest application, ProApp, manages assets at the very beginning of the process through the use of a custom designed ingest controller. This offers the ability to enter metadata about recordings even before the record operation begins. Pronology can work with customers’ existing hardware and in a wide range of production environments, including single or multi-camera, studio or remote. Users can create live proxies of actively recording material, transcode proxies from imported material, and even “normalize” all of their in-bound assets to a house format, all without the need to license and configure external transcoding software.

Users can access media from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser, allowing a limitless number of users to simultaneously and remotely, acquire, manage, approve, log, distribute, transcode and archive their media. Content can be hosted via an internal intranet or on a secure Pronology-hosted network. An integrated logging tool allows productions to generate time-code accurate metadata, which can then be imported into an NLE environment. Logging entries are instantly relevant to high, edit and web-proxy resolutions of the content, greatly simplifying editorial coordination.

Pronology’s intuitive sub-clipping tool also allows users to clearly communicate and select their ideal shots, for further organization. Producers can use these sub-clips to create a storyboard of their project by simply dragging and dropping the selected clips and sending them as a “sequence” to their editor. In addition, Pronology’s email notification tool can send a secure link in a standard email message that allows production personnel to view and approve media with a single click, regardless of location. Multiple archive options are available for safeguarding and preserving content, including LTO, “cloud” based and locally managed storage options.