As a pioneer to the digital recording age, Cakewalk (a division of Gibson Brands) has been on the forefront of modern music technology for over 25 years. It has been first to market with many products and product features most noted in its Digital Audio Workstation knows as SONAR. The company is known for making intelligent products that help producers, mixing engineers, songwriters and musicians create the most professional sounding pieces of work.

The current DAW version to market is SONAR X3 which is packed with an unprecedented array of audio tools for the most discerning artist. This DAW has three versions SONAR X3 - $99, X3 Studio - 199$ and X3 Producer - $499 all with a core feature set including unlimited tracks busses and sends, a 64 bit end-to-end audio engine and VST 3 support; so users even at the introductory level can enjoy professional results. Moving from X3 to X3 Studio adds more features such as the modular ProChannel and integrated Melodyne with ARA (Audio Random Access) technology. This technology allows SONAR to process Melodyne’s powerful software internally within the SONAR environment. Simply drag an audio clip onto a midi track and watch Melodyne turn that audio into midi data instantly which can then be used with virtual instruments. SONAR X3 Producer steps up to even more professional features, some including integrated Addictive Drums 2 (XLN Audio), a professional per-track EQ and frequency analyzer, and built-in Tape and Console Emulation with a variety of vintage modes.

Cakewalk also develops an array of other products for Mac and iOS such as the legendary Z3TA+ 2 virtual synthesizer. Cakewalk, Inc., a Gibson Brand, is one of the world's leading developers of powerful, yet easy-to-use products for music creation and recording. We invite you to learn more about our company and products by visiting