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MovieTech products include camera cranes, dollies, remote heads and track systems. Additionally, we offer lightweight equipment for broadcast and video under the brand ABC Products (www.abc-products.de)

Our aim is to find optimal solutions to move the camera and facilitate work on film sets by providing highly functional and reliable products.

Two affiliates are part of the MovieTech AG network: MTS Media Technical System s.r.o. and Lastro Engineering GmbH. Both offer solutions and services in the field of studio and stage technology. MovieTech is therefore active in the manufacturing of products for the whole media market ranging from film and broadcast to video and studio equipment.

We offer a wide range of accessories that can be combined with each other and used for a large variety of products.

Thanks to a large network of dealers and distributors, our products can be purchased or rented worldwide. You will find MovieTech equipment on film sets almost anywhere in the world.