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Deltacast Developer Solutions

DELTACAST started out in 1986 designing FPGAs for the general image market. Three years later it began working in broadcast through the production of OEM custom designs, which later led to creating specific software, SDK, for these products to allow broadcast customers to customize systems for their specific needs. This included managing the capture, playback, coding and decoding and modulation/demodulation of video and audio streams being carried in a variety of formats.

DELTACAST develops and manufactures state-of-the-art products for the professional digital video market.

With more than 60 available video cards and a unified Software Development Kit, DELTACAST offers the most comprehensive portfolio to professional video equipment manufacturers and integrators to create performing high-quality video systems under Windows, Linux and OS X. The current portfolio includes OEM PCI-e video cards for SDI 3G-HD-SD, OPTICAL, ASI, DVI and HDMI™ interfacing, and dedicated solutions for linear keying & codec applications. More information can be found on www.deltacast.tv.

DELTACAST is based in Ans - BELGIUM.

Deltacast is a member/associate of:

ASPEN Member AIMS Member