Narda Test Solutions

Narda Test Solutions is the RF division of Narda Safety Test Solutions, founded in 2000 as an offshoot of high frequency measurement technology specialist Wandel & Goltermann, which merged with US company Wavetek in 1999.

Narda is part of the New York-based L-3 Communications group and produces test equipment for the broadcast sector. These include remote spectrum analysers for installation, line-up and monitoring of broadcasting, microwave, wireless and satellite transmission systems. It also develops handheld interference and direction analysers for locating internal and external problems on signals.

The Narda Safety Test Solutions group has its headquarters in Pfullingen, a district of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany, and also manufactures products on Long Island in the US and Cisano, Italy. Narda Test Solutions' ranges comprise the IDA 2 interference and direction analyser range and the remote spectrum analyser series.

The IDA 2 basic unit is a Light, portable signal analyser for detecting, analysing and localising RF signals and interference in the frequency range from 9kHz to 6GHz. The IDA 2 combines a frequency scanner/receiver, transmitter detector, spectrum analyser, signal analyser and triangulation software in a single mobile device. The units also include precision directional antennas with built in switchable preamplifier and electronic compass. The unit can be configured as a complete set with antennas and other ancillary equipment. The remote spectrum analyser range is made up of the NRA-2500, 3000, 3000 with LNB (low-noise block) control and the 6000 models.