Memnon Archiving Services

With our office and studios in Belgium, Memnon is one of Europe’s key players in the archiving field.

We offer archives and a range of services to digitise, restore, preserve and provide access to classic and current sound and video recordings in any format. Our service is suitable for a wide range of archive owners – from cultural institutions, libraries, universities and record labels. We provide a professional, high-quality and cost-effective service, that combines innovative techniques, in-depth experience of audiovisual processing and databases, professional research in archiving standards, and optimised production process.

Memnon digitises all analogue formats (sound: magnetic tapes, audio cassettes, vinyl records) (video: Betacam SP, U-Matic, 1 inch, 2 inch, VHS, D3, D9, etc.) and digital supports (sound supports: DAT, CD) (video: DVD, Digital Beta, DVC Pro, DV Cam, P2, etc.).

There are 3 ways to digitize your collection : outsourcing (digitization is done in our units) - insourcing (digitization is done at your place with our support) - shared services (we take in charge a part of the digitization - for example : the difficult carriers).

We offer secure long-term storage and indexing of audiovisual archives, making digitised archives available either for public access or for access by a specific target audience.