Swedish Microwave AB

Swedish Microwave AB

SMW is a leading manufacturer of professional Low Noise Blockdownconverters (LNB) for the satellite market.

The products are used in VSAT systems (Very Small Aperture Terminals), SNGs (Satellite News Gathering), Cable-TV headends, Marine VSAT, and Satcom-On-The-Move applications.

All work is in-house allowing custom-design products, short delivery times, high flexibility, quick service and support.

Swedish Microwave designs and manufactures its products in Motala, SWEDEN, and ships to more than 120 countries - today we are Europe’s longest serving supplier manufacturer of Low Noise Block converters (LNB), serving a global market.

There are several keys to our success. One is that we specialize in LNBs only and thus manage to focus on developing products in line with customer needs. Another is our in-house manufacturing capacity, which generates short lead times, great flexibility and prompt delivery of products as well as of service and support. As a result the general customer opinion is that we are uncomplicated and pleasant to work with.

Whatever changes may arise, now or in the future, one thing is certain. We will continue to tailor-make our customers’ communication.

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