S3 Group

S3 Group

We strive to build businesses that deliver outstanding value to our customers.

S3 Group are passionate about building innovate technology-based solutions that address challenges in the high-growth markets of multi-screen video services and connected healthcare.

In our TV Technology business we can see a number of long-term trends. The complexity of building, delivering and operating high-quality multi-screen video and entertainment services is complex and this complexity is accelerating. The trend towards all-IP and cloud-hosting is accelerating. To keep the services fresh, interesting and entertaining this whole industry is moving to a continuous delivery, agile model which requires organisations to become more collaborative and cross-functional. This is being referred to as the “DevOps” movement. In our TV Technology business we build automation and collaboration solutions to enable this evolution in video and entertainment delivery for a global customer base of leading Video Service Operators.

At the core of all of this enterprise are our people. Our people are highly-skilled, motivated, customer and solution centric. We continuously strive to understand customer and market challenges in our chosen focus industries and from this understanding we strive to bring relevant and value-creating solutions to our customers.

In S3 Group we take quality very seriously. S3 Group is an ISO9001 certified company. In addition our Connected Health business is ISO13485 certified which is the international standard for quality management systems for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

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